Well what can I say about me...
~my favorite flower is a dandelions (yes they're flowers)
~im christian
~im blonde
~i love supernatural
~i love cupcakes but i don't like to eat them...
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EmmyLouWho EmmyLouWho Oct 09, 2012 08:14PM
I am book deprived anybody got some ideas? I'll read almost anything 
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The Delinquent's Daughter (on hold for serious revision)

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Description: He slowly and diliberatly made his way across the room twords me. I backed up until I felt the wall on my back. He was really close to me by now. His put his arm of either side of my head, trapping me. &qu...


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Carolyn is a sweet naive seventeen year old girl who falls for a handsome stranger she meets in a coffee...

New Story?

New Story?

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Ok guys so I'm kinda iffy about writing this. I mean I like it and all but still. So I need you guys to...

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Story Reading List

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