Me - Gay 
Friends - love them

My virtual family: I love them. You know who you are!

I joined this site a while back. I had never written a story in my life until I found this site. No I didn't just start writing, it took a lot of hard work and research on my part. I hope to be successful and I hope my work says it all. My goal is to become a writer who is capable of helping my readers feel what they're reading not just read what they're reading.

I am a true romantic at heart which leaves room for my imagination. I'm excited about bringing words to life as told by the character in a story. Will I be able to stir an emotion inside you? Will I leave you wanting more? I guess that's every writers' expectation.

I hope to be able to bring excitement, entertainment, emotion and much much more to life for my readers. I just want to say "Thank You" for even taking the time to read what I have posted. Like everyone else, I too am not perfect but will do my best to all who take notice of my writing.

PET PEEVE: Please don't fan me with expectation for a fan back in return. I want my work to be read because you want to read it, or enjoyed it to some extent. I'm not here for a popularity contest.

Well, wish me luck and I certainly hope you enjoy everything you read whether its by me or anyone else for that matter.


More About Me:

Two Free Ebooks for download! One, a featured story right here on Wattpad!: “Outside of Picture Perfect” & As for the other, Never published anywhere else, is "Risk" Just click my Authors website and learn more about me as an Indie Author.

Finally, I have my first Ebook ever for sale: Country Heart. My work can also be found on Moral Fortitude.com a great website for LGBT writers who are supported by this fantastic website!

Link: http://www.moralfortitude.com/authors/ej-kellen/ (free downloads)
Link: http://premadecoversbyejkellan.weebly.com/premade-covers.html#/ (Premade Covers Website
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Alpha Instincts "Born Again" (LGBT)

Social data: 11.6K reads. 385 votes. 60 comments.

Description: Alex Blithe, a submissive shy and timid, dirty brown haired boy, lives in a world of infested aliens known as shape shifters. His life has changed since they took away any chance of what little he did have, to form any kind of meaning. After being o...


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Outside of Picture Perfect (LGBT)

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With the new year just around the corner, I will be removing all my stories to begin anew for 2015. This will happen on Friday, December 19, 2014. I realize I have been absent for quite sometime, but I will be returning to write new stories.  I can't express all the support everyone has shown me and for that I say thank you. 
      Meanwhile, I've been busy making premade eBook covers - visit here: http://premadecoversbyejkellan.weebly.com/premade-covers.html#/ 
      and I now am making custom covers for authors as well, to my own surprise. 
      I look forward to the New Year. All be well. 
      EJ Kellan aka Drago
eyes806 posted a message to Dragonious
Hello friend I just finish reading  doctors orders and I love it I would love to read a sequel with the same characters in new adventures at camp and see their relationships  get intimate . love your work!!!!
walkerpeet posted a message to Dragonious
Hi EJ, I wanted to let you know I read your book Risk from the Moral Fortitude site and loved it. I am going to purchase the Country Heart story also. 
Hello everyone, as you may know, I haven't been around for some time and my sincerest apologies. I have been working on honing my writing and learning new writing techniques. 
      Thank you to all the new readers who have chosen to comment, follow, and praise my work and to those of you who have stuck it out with me since the beginning. This year has been trying and I'm working on quite a few new projects. 
      My new Pen Name: EJ Kellan (Indie writer / author)
      My author page:
      My new Web Page for Premade Book Covers: http://premadecoversbyejkellan.weebly.com/premade-covers.html#/
      In the coming of the new year, I will be changing my profile page to my author pen name and most of my stories will be coming down as I will begin to post new stories for Wattpad and excerpts for eBooks I will be selling online.
      Also, here are a few announcements:
      "Looking for beta readers!"
      Seeking beta readers for LGBT stories. Advertise here. Please share this / pass on. Help get the word out there this service is available here.
      "Rae Kitano's" short story challenges:
      Looking for a challenge or story prompt to get you going? 
      Over the last two years Rae Kitano has been providing LGBT short story prompts. The entire collection can now be viewed here.
      "Moralfortitude.com" is a self publishing for GLBT Indie Authors
      Whether you one day hope to publish or self publish. Moral Fortitude is a website set up to help LGBT authors get started. Full of useful, information this page explains what Moral Fortitude can offer you, as well as experiences in both being published and self-publihsed by Michelle Rae aka Rae Kitano (here on wattpad)
      Thank you all for being so supportive and here's looking up to great things in the new year!