Hey, I'm Rachel!

I'm 15, I really hate boring descriptions (I really hate About Me's in general) so imagine me how you like. I live in Wales.

I am a proud Whovian, Potterhead, Sherlockian, and more (like seriously, so much more, it's starting to become weird). My favourite band is Fall Out Boy (at the moment, it changes regularly) but I listen to all types of music!

I love to write, though I don't always have enough inspiration (or I have too much - I come up with ideas but can't put them into words). I love to sing and to act as well (maybe more than writing?).

I hope you like my stories! I know they aren't finished, and they probably won't be finished soon either, because I mostly read on here, but still, please read them and give me feedback? (especially on Nightmares, cause that's my favourite and I think I'd like to write more of it)


Rach x
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Crystal_Moonlight Crystal_Moonlight Jun 15, 2012 06:53AM
@MyztikalTearz I think I got the info, but could you send me the link anyway??? Thanks ever so much xx
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Description: Nightmares. The stuff of bad dreams, literally. They creep up on you in the night, conquering your mind with their shocking twists and turns. Fear chokes your throat, closing your airway as the sobs start to e...

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Random haikus I've done. Please comment with new subjects for me to do!

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