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Description: Book one. I'd spent my entire life without a mother. But, when professors come to my father's inn, a cloaked figure known only as Sleepwalker begins to torment me with thoughts of her. When these dreams become too malicious, my father sends me off t...


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Book two. It's been months since I've seen my mother. And despite her warning, no other gods know of my...

How to Grow Up: A Collection of Young Adult Stories

How to Grow Up: A Collection of Young Adult Stories

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How do we become who we were always meant to be, and gain courage to separate ourselves from those aroun...

Cor Hominis

Cor Hominis

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"The Heart of Man" The body is a vessel, a simple tether to what truly defines a person: a soul.

How To Write An Author's Note

How To Write An Author's Note

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It's actually quite simple.


My feelings on this story are mixed. I did enjoy it overall, but there were some areas that felt lacking to me.
      The magic of this world was awesome. There was so much wonder and tons of creatures developed with their own prejudices and histories. 
      Where characters are concerned, you give a full, rich view of them. They're very dynamic. However, at times, it felt as if you more so told the reader what to think of them, rather than let it be expressed naturally. The clearest example I can think of is Lannie's assertion that she was simply an "introverted tutor" over and over. This is a sentiment that the reader could have sensed through her actions. Or Titus' discomfort around women. Lannie points it out in conversation rather than observing his mannerisms. Another point of contention for me was your characterization of Lannie's mother. Her perspective seemed so focused on admiring Lannie that her feeling of fear was barely palpable. Moreover, your opening sets up the expectation that Lannie's father is a much more prominent figure in the story than he actually does.
      There's also this entire world you hint at. There's so much rich development here with the Rift Wars. This history is very well referenced in the story. However, I'm not sure I quite understand the scope of this world. It seems rather small if the only three relevant countries are Aria, Balua, and Nor. Do all humans, no matter the country speak the same language? Is species a larger differentiator? Are there unexplored regions with magical creatures? This is smaller, but if this is a different world than our own, why does Latin still exist?
      The narrative has a lot of voice. At times, it's witty and amusing, unique and enriching to the character. Sometimes, it detracts from the story because it's so dense. It either removes the reader or it gives too much attention to foreshadowing, which detracts from the plot twists.
      This story is a good foundation, solid fantasy in a strange and lovely world.