The only thing you really need to know about me, is that I watch way too many TV shows. If you know of any other sexy tv shows, please, leave me a message.


- Sense8
- Supernatural (I'm married to Dean Winchester...)
- Once Upon a Time (I'm a hooker; I mean have you seen how sexy Killian Jones is? #CaptainSwan #OTP)
- Penny Dreadful (Eva Green is amazing #DorianGray ~swoooon~)
- The 100 ( #BellamyIsBae)
- American Horror Story (Two words. Evan. Peters.)
- The Flash
- The Originals ( #Klayley)
- Rizzoli and Isles
- Potatoes ( #yum)
- Pretty Little Liars
- Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D
- The Walking Dead
- The Blacklist
- Bones
- Marvel's Daredevil
- Sherlock
- Orphan Black
- Scream Queens
- Jessica Jones


Sexy quotes:

"Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow."

"One day your life will flash before your eyes. Make sure its worth watching."

"Life is 10% of what happens to me and 90% of how I react to it." - John Maxwell

"Don't aim for success if you want it; just do what you love and believe in, and it will come naturally."
- David Frost

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ChunkyFunkyMonkey ChunkyFunkyMonkey Mar 20, 2016 08:16AM
I'm going to start writing again soon! Sometime in May I'll be starting and uploading new chapters on a new book! So prepare yourself ♡ 
      I'm looking forward to writing again, I missed it :)
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