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"Behind this dorky exterior, I may be microwaving your dog"

Sheena's the name, and writing is my game. A born-and-bred Filipino and I'm no longer a teenager. I'm done living the Peter Pan dream, but it was fun while it lasted.

Feel free to drop me a line; I'm nice and a simple hi or hello is great - I love reading them. Don't worry, I won't bite. :)

WARNING : I don't tolerate rude people so if you are, then, LEAVE! SHOO!

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"It's a shame that most people don't have an open mind and limit
themselves to that threshold of understanding."
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Hey, Mr. Gangster!

Social data: 3.3M reads. 30.4K votes. 3K comments.

Description: He's mean. He's tough. He's dangerous. He's a playboy. And most of all,he has extreme obsession for cheesecake. That is Callisto Worthington, son of Chip Worthington, the most powerful and feared gang lord of the entire west coast of United States...


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Match Made In Trouble (On Hold)

Match Made In Trouble (On Hold)

52.5K 1.1K 252

Formerly known as What the Hell, Douche...

Love Burns (On Hold)

Love Burns (On Hold)

46K 895 169

Maximus was a playboy quite the opposite of his younger brother, Nathaniel, who was a complete gentleman...

The Revenge Artist will do it for you (On Hold)

The Revenge Artist will do it for you (On Hold)

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Avery Whitney was just your average girl trying to blend in. Her crush, Preston Adams, says otherwise. H...

Hey Again! Mr. Gangster (The Sequel)

Hey Again! Mr. Gangster (The Sequel)

37.3K 546 121

Just when Callisto Worthington thought he was done with books, pens and teachers dirty looks, his father...

shiertina posted a message to crimsonnebula
My BENEFACTOR fan here... :( Sad that  it wasn't finished... 
      I had it on my Library since I started Wattpad. And I never removed it.. I hope it'll still be completed. T-T
cozenkk posted a message to crimsonnebula
I believe a yar ago, or two, she placed a message in one story, " letting you go was the hardest Thing...", if I remeber correctly, she wrote that she was no longer in American and wouldn't be writting any more. I just came a cross this second account since I also followed, "The Benefactor" and was hoping she'd return. But, unfortunately that isn't the case. Hope this helps. If you're looking for a good find try "The Alpha's Obsession" by HiddenEira. She seems to have the same ability to take a story and move it beyond expectation.
threenayeka posted a message to crimsonnebula
ate sheenaaaaaa. i’m having the ‘aftermath-of-reading-an-on-hold-book’ and it’s reaaaaally pissing me off. having to know you're pinay too made my irritation lessen, but yeah, UD na po pleeeease. miss ko na sila Derek 
guys! chill let her work out what ever she's working out good lawwd we all love her books. but she's busy. she has a life as..uhm.. some of us do (Not me) let her be. dear gremlins your jumping down her throat.
coolroxy20 posted a message to crimsonnebula
This comment may be offensive.
first of all, please don't mind my ehm.. swearing.. because I have a good reason for it XD. WHERE THE FUCKING HELL ARE YOU WOMAN! EVERYONE'S DYING FOR AN UPDATE AND YET IT LIKE YOU'VE DISAPPEARED OFF OF THE FUCKING EARTH'S ATMOSPHERE. that is all.