I'm bacccckkkkkk!!!!!! Well sorta, if you need me to read any stories to vote or make covers for anyone just inbox me and I will :)
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Cheergirl1992 Cheergirl1992 Apr 25, 2011 02:29AM
@Nikkiischicy Sure thing! Just give me a few votes or comments an ill do the same!
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Description: "Okay James baby steps now," I say quietly as he reaches the gravestone. She was so cooperative when I asked her and I'm forever thankful for that. "Focus James, fell anything? A breeze or slig...


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When I was younger, we were called the triplets; Me, Lucy and Connor. Well that may be because we are tr...

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Gracie, the girl who has a life she never knew about. Handed to her one night, her mother's life. Unable...

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