Hmmmphh... Let's see, I love to write (why else would I be here?) My love of writing started on a forum called Aelyria, but then moved all over the place. But I've settled down to write at the roleplayer guild, where I can be found under Cerianis. I have started a few novels myself, none of them finished as of yet. I love chocolate, and I'm studying a double major psych x commerce. I tend to pick languages up fairly easily. I'd also like to go skydiving one day and visit the Eiffel tower.
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Stories by Cerianis
Inferet by Cerianis
Inferet wakes up in hell, not knowing, who, what or where she is, or how she's come to be there. Over time, s...
Hell's Scion by Cerianis
Hell's Scion
Darae is at the bottom of the barrell when it comes to her place in Demon Society. She works hard at what she...