I love poetry :D!

"I look at it this way: you can run across a log pond, you know, where they're floating the logs at a sawmill, by stepping on one log at a time. And if you don't stay on a given log very long, you can go hopping clear across the pond on these logs. But if you stop on one, it'll sink. Sometimes I feel a writer should be like this, that you need your bad poems. You shouldn't inhibit yourself. You need to have your dreams; you need to have your poems. If you begin to keep from dreaming or from trying to write your poems, you could be in trouble. You have to learn how to say " Welcome... welcome." Welcome, dreams. Welcome, poems. And then if somebody says " I don't like that dream," you can say " Well, it's my life. I had to dream it. " And if somebody else says " I don't like that poem, " you can say, " Well, it's my life. That poem was in the way, so I wrote it."
- William Stafford

Anyway, Enjoy~
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CalebPaul CalebPaul Oct 19, 2011 12:39AM
I've been a little more active lately.. because I feel like it! I've been rather inspired lately, so I do hope you enjoy the increase in postings!
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