I am slowing working through revamping my stories. I have changed as a person and as a writer since publishing those (so, so long ago).  And when I look back on them, it is not in pride. I wont change concept or characters much but doing a general recall to improve them tremendously.  Considering I wrote them when I was 13, I think I can do better as a legal adult.  These changes will be very very slow. I've started on one and have rewritten the prologue multiple times now to be sure it is the best I can possible do. Also I will give them proper covers and descriptions as well. Thank you to anyone who is still here and willing to read them again after all of this time. 

Honestly, most of the people that I follow are close friends of mine or are people that were active when I first started here on wattpad 5 years ago. I remember liking their books back then and I still remember the plots of some of the specific books. I need to go back and read them to see if they are up to my current standards. I will also probably delete this paragraph later when my profile is completely up to my standards but oh well.
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