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Aspiring pediatric oncologist. If you do not know it, google it.
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Monsters of Manhattan

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Description: People aren't called monsters because they paint rainbows and snowflakes. No, they're called monsters because they have a limitless ambition to achieve what they want and maintain what they have, and in Manhattan, what you want and what you have mig...

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Remembering the Stars: on hold

Remembering the Stars: on hold

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One war, two lovers, a ruler possessed by hate, and a ticking time bomb ready to explode. Leon never f...

Blindinglights commented on After 2 - Chapter 119.

I want to say anything and everything to make this stop. To make his pain go away, but where was he when I was crying myself to sleep night after night.
Ummmm... Wasn't he trying to call you but you shut your phone off? -.-
Blindinglights commented on After - Chapter 72.

"Listen, look at me." he says, tilting my chin. "I want to, fuck do I want to. More than anything, trust me. I have wanted to feel you around me since I met you, but I .. I just think after everythin...
I can't wait for Before to be finished. That way we can all know where harry really started loving her and where it was all just a game for him

At least, Evelyn stopped complaining about everything. She needs to appreciate the fact Zayn hasn't killed everyone she loves. He could've killed everyone from the very beginning, and forced her to stay with him because she had nothing left. I understand about having hope and all, but when having hope means putting your family and friends in danger, that's just downright selfish. If Evelyn was truly selfless, she would've gave up fighting, and used her power on Zayn to help humanity. Instead, she goes on and on about her freedom, boys, and other crap. Sometimes freedom comes at a price, unfortunately for Evelyn, she's paying the price for all of humanity's freedom. She needs to quit making things complicated, and realize her fate is going to be with Zayn. Plus, she can just turn into a vampire and kill him, or at least find some way to stop him. Why doe she not see the other alternatives? Come on now! It's not all entirely rocket science. I think I'm being to harsh on Evelyn, but it's aggravating to watch a female character sit back and let men make most of the decisions. Ugh, I need to stop reading this story, it's starting to drive me insane with how society is. Molly, I praise you for bringing real issues to light. As for anyone who wants to continue this discussion, feel free to add your comments. I'm truly interested in what you all think.