I'm not gonna lie.

My life consists of failing... constantly.

I will never heighten my expectations to write overly amazing things. (Although I try)

Let's see how this goes

[Thank you to everyone who reads/comments/fans/adds etc, my stories and such.. I greatly appreciate it]



Chasing Suicide- Completed, and edited.

Going Straight and Failing - Draft

Candy Hearts - Completed Fully, Edited fully. (Unless I notice a mistake later)

Serenade Me - Draft
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BeyondMyBirthday BeyondMyBirthday Jun 09, 2014 01:47AM
To all my fans of Chasing Suicide, new or old, I finally got around to editing it and fixing up the tense mistakes while also adding a few little details and such. So if you ever wanted to re-read it...
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Chasing Suicide (BoyxBoy)

Social data: 265K reads. 11.5K votes. 2.9K comments.

Description: Jude's life goal is to make people happy. He finally gets his chance, but with Aster, the unsocial 17 year old that nobody wants to handle. Will he be able to save him from depression and worst of all, suicide?

18 Parts - Completed

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Candy Hearts (BoyxBoy)

Candy Hearts (BoyxBoy)

1.8K 67 15

[Valentines Day One Shot] Deryn has always hated Valentines Day. And no, not because he's never actually...

Mature Completed

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