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I'm just your average Aussie really. I try in everything I do and strive for the best. I have an amazing boyfriend who I have had the pleasure of being with for 10 months now and I could ask for anyone better c: Between work, education, procrastination, spending time with the boy and people important to me, its hard to find much time to write any more :( I try my best though in my spare time c:
Thank you to all my fans who have amazingly supported me over my time here as a writer!

My secret got out (BXB) - Romance.
Player On Board - Teen Romance, Teen pregnancy.
Gay? Be proud! - Gay rights speech.
Bi? Be Proud! - Speech for Bisexuals..
Angel Poems - Poems for my siblings that have passed on. (Old works)

Updating: ON HOLD:
(Order of importance:)
1.Amorette's Sister On Board
2. The boy who made me drop my phone
3.Make Me Proud, Butterfly.
4.Crushing On Kyah.

♀+♀=♥ GENDER
♂+♂=♥ DOESN'T
♂+♀=♥ MATTER
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Player on board

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Description: Love is hard to find in regular circumstances, let alone when you're in year twelve and ten weeks pregnant. From first sight, Oliver, a player of all things, knew he loved the pregnant senior. Can he handle th...

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The boy who made me drop my phone (BoyxBoy)

The boy who made me drop my phone (BoyxBoy)

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Ryan has been keeping an eye on this boy who apparently has a crush on him and figures maybe he should m...

My secret got out(BoyxBoy)

My secret got out(BoyxBoy)

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Billy has a secret that can no longer be contained. He's gay. What happens when he finds out his crush...

Amorette's Sister On Board (Boarding series: Book 2)

Amorette's Sister On Board (Boarding series: Book 2)

12.9K 249 76

Book two in the Boarding series (Player On Board - Book 2). - Best to read after POB but you can read it...

Crushing on Kyah (BoyxBoy)

Crushing on Kyah (BoyxBoy)

2.1K 53 30

*Formerly known as A drunken confession* While drinking with friends Jarris confesses to being gay and e...

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Story Reading List

Story Reading List