Player on board

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Azhur0 By Azhur0 Completed
Love is hard to find in regular circumstances, let alone when you're in year twelve and ten weeks pregnant. From first sight, Oliver, a player of all things, knew he loved the pregnant senior. Can he handle the drama surrounding the pregnant woman, Mayarna, and keep his player ways discarded? Can May let herself open up to the hot player who might break her heart? What about the crazy, possessive ex that put her in this condition?
lol no not my sons, his Titi.(tia)  (auntie) But yea..... ok so I was saying it right to whole time I was reading. I feel much better now lol.
....names....awkward. but from description in next chapter I could totally see her as Ashley Benson for character pic
I did notice that your have improved, I skipped a couple of chapters and there was quite a bit of improvement there :D
I still think this should be edited because too me, you need to make Oliver more of a player and so far he seems normal.
I find it okay, but this does need editing also people start to show after twelve weeks and also some don't show at all x
I like Ollie. Other than the player side of things,  he seems like a really good guy.