Just an awesome 14 yo girl. 
Interested in fantasy and romance novel :D
I'm a ninja and failed as one coz I tell people bout it. But I'm an excellent ninja >:)

Love The Vampire Diaries!! Team Damon!!!! xD

Instagram: @anas_t

I am a goody two-shoes so I don't use foul words, instead I use freaking purple cow. :D I decided to use purple because it's imaginary and cow because it's the first thing that came out from my mind. I always think bout freaking purple cow coz it can cheer me up :D Go freaking purple cow!!!!

Well, not like most of girls, I hate choco but choco milk n of course nutella. Nutella is MINE!!! He is MY mate!!! xD

Ice cream, I wanna marry him. He's the best. I love haagen dazs' vanilla ice cream. <3

I don't tell people my name. Why? Coz I am a ninja!!!! ;P I also don't smoke and do drugs. Coz It's bad for my health and I need a good health coz I'm a ninja.

I love Maroon 5, Train, Owl CIty, Taylor Swift, and The Wanted. They're awesome.

U can do great things to me such as FAN and VOTE. :)

1. Kinda freak :D hyperactive at night u can say c:
2. I love music but dunno much bout it
3. Cant do any musical instrument :c
4. Optimist :D
5. Love comics
6. Dont like fanfics :c
7. Like vanilla icecream :B
8. Love to draw hate to color :3
9. Not much of a narcisstic
10. Love color of white n blue :)
11. Saying random things

“Words can break someone into a million pieces, but they can also put them back together. I hope you use yours for good, because the only words you'll regret more than the ones left unsaid are the ones you use to intentionally hurt someone.” -- Taylor Swift

"You may call me Ms. Awesome. Awesome is my middle name."--Anasson :D

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If you have time, please try to read my collab story with my friends, called A Twisted Secret and Fangs
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