Book one. I'd spent my entire life without a mother. But, when professors come to my father's inn, a cloaked figure known only as Sleepwalker begins to torment me with thoughts of her. When these dreams become too malicious, my father sends me off to the capital city in order to answer the questions burning in my mind: Who is my mother? And what does she have to do with my nightmares? 
    If only the journey had been so simple.
You may not be crazy about this but IT DEFINITELY CAUGHT MY ATTENTION OFF THE JUMP GO!!!
I only read the prologue and I already know it is going to be one amazing book. You have got talent. Two things it takes to write.      1 imagination and second dedication and love for your work. You show it.
You are an amazing writer. Not even funny. I started tearing with the woman yelling at the baby about killing her if the baby wasn't so beautiful. That's because I have a baby sister. Anyway, spectacular writing! It's extremely impressive! Submit it in this year's Watty awards!!
This was amazing, I can't wait to continue, wow, great work :)
How are you not crazy about the prologue? I am 0_0
                                    I have a feeling this book is going to be amazing...
Good prologue, it's interesting, and raises enough questions for me to want to keep reading. I don't have too much to add, and nothing really to critique either.