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Hi! Most people call me Iz, just some guy who likes to read, write, and happens to be an Ambassador; the profile lead for @WattFest :D

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask! I'll be more than happy to help. Need help with your stories or have a reading request? You can message me about that too. *DO NOT POST IT ON MY WALL* It will be deleted.

I have one rule - I ask that you *do not* message me for help if all you're looking for is another possible vote. Though subjective, I give critiques to the best of my ability and almost always free, so forgive me if I don't appreciate it when people only care for a star.

I like dark stuff, but I enjoy something light every now and then. Don't get me started on music. You'll be bombarded w/ post-hardcore and hip-hop/rap songs and I will not be sorry for it.


I don't do follow for follow, but if I do look for stories to read I prefer to look through my followers stories. If I find a story of yours I like, or if you're a dedicated reader, or if we talk on a regular basis, that's when I follow back :D

Most stories are horror/thriller or have a horror element to them.


UPDATES (Sporadic)

- Tales of Ivaven
- Action Movie Myths (Humor)
- Samson's Journey (Horror)
- Idled In The Clouds (Poetry)
- Capitulare (Horror)


- Bazaar Tales
- The Devils Below
- Severed Lights


- Horror Mansion (Horror...duh)
- Wolves of Entertainment (Mystery)

- - -

A message to all my readers: you have no idea how much it means to me that you read my stories. I try to express my gratitude to everyone who does, but if you read my work and I don't get back to you about it, know that I appreciate it with all my heart!


Check out @miss-gatsby and her story "The Phoenix Pharaoh: Rise from the Ashes." It's a very well-written story full of vivid descriptions. You won't be disappointed!


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Idled In The Clouds (Poetry)
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Tales of Ivaven: The Shaman's Curse by ATellingMind
Tales of Ivaven: The Shaman's Curse
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Dear Alyana, by ATellingMind
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