Satan's adopted daughter  by WriterAnonymouss
Satan's adopted daughter by WriterAnonymous
When Satan finds an abandoned baby she will change everything between him and God. Being raised around that shapes the young baby in unimaginable ways. Join her in her j...
  • god
  • dad
  • devil
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My sweet little Bride by evil_panda22
My sweet little Bride by Kawaii Witch
Two years have passed since Violet moved to Sweden. The great festivity of a wedding is awaiting her and her friends, including her groom. With the enemy loose and plani...
  • death
  • vampire
  • angels
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Satan's Little Helper by thetruthinourlies
Satan's Little Helper by syd.
It all started with a harmless little wish. Now, Christie is stuck in Hell. Now, Christie has a new job; to kill, to murder, and to torture. Now, Christie is Satan's Lit...
  • christiana
  • brutal
  • satan
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Rivaux | Klance  by Huffle666
Rivaux | Klance by Sin
Keith is a new student at Mythical Academy, which is a private and very secret school for Mythical beings. Unfortunately, Keith doesn't really trust people which makes...
  • love
  • keith
  • pidge
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Satan's Assassin by XXrogueXlucyXX
Satan's Assassin by A.L Rogue
9 years ago Isabella lost her entire family to rogue werewolves. That day she also became the vessel for Satan. Now to the present day Isabella is a hunter, to be exact...
  • anime
  • hunter
  • romance
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Devil in Disguise ↣ S. Salvatore [COMPLETED] by the1andonlytifftiff
Devil in Disguise ↣ S. Salvatore [... by ♔ Turtle momma
➳"Her heart is a hole of pure darkness. There is no light and any light that is present, cannot escape. She feeds off the souls of the innocent and the sinned. She...
  • hell
  • devil
  • mysticfalls
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Three Cheers by ohholyfrerard
Three Cheers by ✖️HarryIsMyDaddy✖️
~>Sequel to Give Him Hell, Kid<~ Frank Iero couldn't have wished for more when he became the prince of darkness- The King of Hell's right-hand man. They are insepa...
  • sequel
  • gerardway
  • frerard
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I struck a deal with the Devil by evil_panda22
I struck a deal with the Devil by Kawaii Witch
Living in a small unknown country, Violet dreamed of seeing the world one day. But her dream was crushed when her best friend stabbed her in the back, literally. On the...
  • satanic
  • satan
  • satanism
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Angel Eyes by lilmissharleyquinn
Angel Eyes by Harleen Quinzel
What would you do for your hearts desire? Would you make a deal with the devil?
  • demons
  • angel
  • heaven
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Satan's Sacrifice by XXrogueXlucyXX
Satan's Sacrifice by A.L Rogue
Isabella had been through so much the past 2 years. Fighting every single one of The First's generals while fighting feels she had for Dalton. But now she defeated each...
  • isabella
  • dating
  • hellions
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Male character x Male Reader by ANIME_BITCH2025
Male character x Male Reader by Hannah C
read the fucking title
  • sin
  • dicks
  • fml
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The Devil's Mate by leksiknight
The Devil's Mate by Leksi Knight
Perci isn't extraordinary. She isn't even slightly special. There's nothing about her that would draw the eye of any handsome bachelor or hunk and she likes it that way...
  • love
  • persephone
  • devil
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CDSE 3 - Le Repos des Morts by DBChalys
CDSE 3 - Le Repos des Morts by Dana B. Chalys
Alors que tout semblait être rentré dans l'ordre à Toulouse, Donna et Dylan sont attaqués un soir d'octobre par des morts-vivants. De son côté, Nathan est appelé sur la...
  • necromancien
  • toulouse
  • amour
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The Demon's Love by AtheistKing
The Demon's Love by IWatchYouSleep
Aiden is a very lonely 17 year old boy. He never talks to everybody unless there is a good reason. One day he meets Jayden. Jayden is no ordinary. There is something abo...
  • aiden
  • zane
  • boyxboy
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The Demon's Curse (BXB) by thatspecialteen
The Demon's Curse (BXB) by thatspecialteen
The boy got to his feet, looked his mother dead in the eyes and said; "He's not my father" ~~~ Nixon has never known his father, and he was only 13 when his mo...
  • wattys2016
  • demons
  • demon
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A Deal with the Devil by rachel2k22
A Deal with the Devil by Rachel
Every Halloween Ellie and her friends attempt to summon the devil, and this time it’s her turn, she had seen all of her friends do it before and he never appeared. She t...
  • hell
  • heaven
  • humour
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Flames of the Hell Spawn by Pythonsrus
Flames of the Hell Spawn by Mya
A blue exorcist fanfic I do not own The enemy of my enemy is my friend... Right? What happens when a simple exorcist training mission goes wrong? Yukio and his team of...
  • rin
  • exwire
  • gehenna
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Fire Meet Gasoline by _MisfitKing_
Fire Meet Gasoline by Nel
*Age Gap/Magic AU* *SLOW BUILD UP* *WARNING: ADULT SITUATIONS* Ryuji Suguro, a known prodigy, is a first year at True Cross Academy. Though he's only just started high...
  • satan
  • blueexorcist
  • illuminati
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Flaming Blue Truth by SABAKU335
Flaming Blue Truth by Goddess of Life
Rin Okumura is smart but not many people know it. When Rin comes to Mephisto's office one night to ask a few question Mephisto gets the surprise of a lifetime but the st...
  • okumura
  • deception
  • anime
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Urushihara X reader by scaraboo
Urushihara X reader by scaraboo
Hanzō Urushihara a strange boy next door you fall for. Somethings strange about him. What is it?
  • satan
  • devil
  • anime
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