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if it ain't xo, then it gotta go.
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Hey Everyone! I go by the name Bella and I absolutely love to read and write! I have stories posted on here as well as on FanFiction. All you have to do is look up my Penname: Xo BellaItaliana oX My FanFiction page (Click to view): I really hope that everyone likes my stories and feel free to Read and Comment on anything you like. I would also appreciate your votes!! If you post a question, I will answer them in my next Chapter under an Author's Note. I love hearing your feedback on anything you would like to add and I am also open to any ideas that you may have reguarding a new story or any of my stories. .~Bella'Xo~.
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Claudia//19 Anni//Napoli FEDERICA TI AMO❤️SEI SOLO MIA ❤️MRS TOMLINSON & MRS STYLES❤️ Amo gli ONE DIRECTION//Larry Shipper//Benji & Fede "Directioner & Dreamer" Always in my heart @Harry_Styles . Yours sincerely, Louis TWITTER: @_harryismylifex INSTAGRAM: claudia_buonocore_puffa97 ASK.FM: @claudiaharrystyles
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Welcome to my profile! You can call me by my pen name, Ashlee! I write books ranging from fan fictions to teacher/student to werewolf. Thanks for stopping by and I appreciate your support! Some things about me: ~I have a YouTube page where I sometimes post videos that go with my stories as well as recordings of me singing. You can find that link at the bottom of this page :) ~I'm in my final year of nursing school! ~I have been snowmobiling since I was a baby and I continue to as much as I can! Winter is my favorite season because of it! ~I grew up in New England in the United States but I grew up listening to country. It's my favorite music. I cannot stand rap or hip hop. It's either pop, rock, or country for me. ~I'm a country girl at heart. I fit in perfectly up where I go to school because of it :) ~I am a huge boyband lover. It all started with Nsync and Backstreet Boys...Oh the good old days lol ~If you're ever looking for a website to make books covers or outfits for your stories, use! That's what I use! ~I'm an easygoing girl who laughs at everything and gets along with everyone! If you ever want to talk, leave a message on my board or inbox me! SOME OF THE GOALS I WISH TO COMPLETE: Followers: ■ 100 followers ■ 500 followers ■ 1000 followers □ 5000 followers □ 10,000 followers Votes: ■ 100 votes ■ 500 votes ■ 1000 votes ■ 5000 votes ■ 10,000 votes ■ 50,000 votes □ 100,000 votes
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Proud Pinay. Wife to an amazing man, mom to two vivacious kids and one pup , I am saved by grace and I am in His loving arms IG: @wuthie16 | Snapchat: wuthie16 | Twitter: @wuthie16
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"I heard someone say somewhere that it's possible to write the sickness out of yourself. And who knows, maybe someone will benefit." -Anonymous ☻ ☻ ☻ ☻ ☻ twitter: haroldsthunthun instagram: x17Black snapchat: xx17black ~highest rank in Fanfiction: #1~ • btw I am not looking for anymore translations for Troubled so please do not ask •
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on hiatus
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hmu : )
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T'Keyah, 17. Cuban, West African, Jamaican, and Chinese. Stay lowkey. Be a queen. Get money. ❤️☺️✌️ Welcome to the 6.
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#1Dfamily Directioner Right From The Start!'10 Hello Nando eating, Carrot&Turtle Loving, Spoon Hating Leprechauns, simple but effective, eh?;) Had Me At Torn... Being in love with 5 dorks that don't know I exist is exhausting..