Zodiac Signs II by JaneConquestBackup
Zodiac Signs II by JCB Random
This is the sequel to Zodiac Signs! Comment which one you are! *** THIS BOOK IS USER-RUN!! Submit your prompts and I will apply them to the signs! -- I try to swear as l...
◇Capricorn Things◇ by -Capri-Sun-
◇Capricorn Things◇ by Capricorn Random
Stuff about Capricorn you probably don't care about but okay--
Me and The Zodiacs by Musiccakez
Me and The Zodiacs by Kawaii!!! Random
Ever wondered what your sign does in random scenarios? What does an Aries do in school? What does a Taurus do in a hotel? What does a Gemini do on a car trip...
❁Zodiac Signs❁ by zodiacposts
❁Zodiac Signs❁ by P I S C E S Random
Have fun reading! Credit to those who made them! Don't take these too seriously, it's just for fun! ✧ Check out: "Book of Puns" by @Cup0Noodles...
Breaking Free: A Zodiac Story by 20lait1
Breaking Free: A Zodiac Story by 20lait1 Adventure
Twelve people. Four elements. One person's desire to break free. Everything had been constructed carefully for the future generation - threads woven to create a basket o...
Me and The Zodiacs 4 by Musiccakez
Me and The Zodiacs 4 by Kawaii!!! Random
Basically, this book is a continuation of Books 1, 2 and 3. You can suggest the topics. Do you ever wonder what the stars say about you? What do they say about romance...
Zodiac Signs! by ImAnAriesBitchas
Zodiac Signs! by ImAnAriesBitchas♈ (AS) Random
{Highest Ranking: #101 in Random} Welcome to the cringy book of zodiac signs! I will be posting zodiac stuff from Tumblr and make some up. Feel free to send me somethin...
Me and The Zodiacs 2 by Musiccakez
Me and The Zodiacs 2 by Kawaii!!! Random
This is Book 2 of the zodiac fact book 'Me and the Zodiacs'. What does your zodiac signs have in store for you? Make sure to check out Book 1 for more facts!
Stranger Things Zodiac Signs by Ohschnappitsyana
Stranger Things Zodiac Signs by Yana Random
Find out what Stranger Things related thing are you based on your zodiac sign
Creepypasta Zodiac by Jaschicken
Creepypasta Zodiac by Jas Random
Zodiac Signs That Involves CreepyPasta... Play Around And See Who, How, Why, Where, and What You're Signs Do... Request Are ALWAYS Open... I Hope You Enjoy... New Parts...
Zodiac signs by xXxRed-RosesxXx
Zodiac signs by xXRedXx Random
Everything and anything about your zodiac sign whether it be stereotypes Or real accurate facts, Who knows? What is your sign? I tried to be all deep and shit but it did...
ZODIACO CREEPYPASTA by dulcemiranda15
Hetalia Zodiacs by howtotalktopeople101
Hetalia Zodiacs by I am THE VIRGO Random
Welcome, I am a big fan of Hetalia (hetalia doesn't belong to me or the pictures, so thank you to the artists, and the only I own is this story.) Highest rank #443 in Ra...
Zodiac Short Stories by KaitlinAnnetteDavis
Zodiac Short Stories by Kate :3 Fanfiction
Featuring Aries, Taurus, Gem-- Let's just face it, you already know the zodiacs! If you love the zodiacs as much as I do, this is the place to go! Feel free to spam me w...
Zodiaco  by CutieWings
Zodiaco by CutieWings Random
Quieres saber todo sobre tu signo? Pues entra y ve la personalidad y características de todos los signos del zodiaco.
What your sign says by aien_aier
What your sign says by akum_aien Random
If you want to know more about your zodiac sign and 'what your sign says' about yourself, read this!! It includes random topics like 'things you say in school', "re...
The Third Generation by Musiccakez
The Third Generation by Kawaii!!! Random
12 zodiacs, 2 animals and 1 girl..... Make up the Third Generation. But what happens when a lot of crazy stuff come over for the group? Not to mention that there are ta...
Zodiac Killers. We're All Alone. by Yammy_Hammy
Zodiac Killers. We're All Alone. by Yammy Hammy Action
All the zodiacs had normal lives, they all had a
zodiacs by the-Anime-dude
zodiacs by ✁Ryυυ✁ Random
first of all this is just simple zodiac signs, second I hope that you all enjoy my book, third I just made these up, fourth don't get angry, fifth don't judge me, sixth...
Zodiac Love [Requests Are Closed] by Musiccakez
Zodiac Love [Requests Are Closed] by Kawaii!!! Random
Warning: This book only updates when a fellow Wattpad reader recommends a ship. Requests are open via the book or messages to me. We know the ships from Universe High, Z...