Sinfully Departed (Book 1. Sample)

3 Part Story 48.3K Reads 244 Votes
Isabelle Arocho By Isabelle88 Completed
This book is now pushed for all Ebook readers.  Zoe has alot on her plate, a master vampire is stalking her, a friend has returned as a werewolf and likes to taunt her, plus her job is about to get worse with the threat of vampire exposure hanging in the air. Some dark themes, humor, sexual conduct.
Wow it got published!! I read this story before it got published and I kept wondering why you didn't try to get t published well obviously you were alrady thinking about that haha! This book is amazing and I know that I'm going to buy it.
I have read the first page and I already like it. It pulled me right in.
If Lucas dies (or really any of them, but especially Lucas for some reason) ill cry!
Great story, very well written! 
                                    I've been reading this story on my tablet, and couldn't quit reading. I hope you will upload the other chapters soon!
One of my favourite stories !! When will the next chapter come out?
This should be very interesting. Love a story that starts out with three or four inside mysteries. So on to the next chapter. Thanks for another great story.