Chosen by the Stars [EDITING]

Chosen by the Stars [EDITING]

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J A M E S By Sanggrefied Updated Dec 23, 2017

Elysse doesn't have any idea what she holds inside. She transfers to a mysterious academy together with her best friend, Blaire, to investigate about the students who go missing every year and some other weird things that's going on inside the campus. Unknown to their knowledge that its more than just an academy.

Three girls in search of the princess go to the same academy and suspects Elysse as the lost princess.

Elysse suddenly finds herself in a ride full of chaos. But then, one man is willing to ride with her and will never let go of her hand, ever again.

  • fantasy
  • romance
  • stars
  • suspense
  • tagalog
  • vampires
  • watty2017
chckn_soo chckn_soo May 23, 2017
Ud please..... I really think that this story has a good storyline.
wtpd111 wtpd111 Aug 23, 2017
estante means shelves.. shelves na gawa na bato ganun.dinakot is gikuha agad.
wtpd111 wtpd111 Aug 23, 2017
patiyad means like i think tiptoe? not sure. or pa side ba pagpasok but i think its tiptoeing.
wtpd111 wtpd111 Aug 23, 2017
lalim ng tagalog bess. i think pasilyo means hallway.... like dark hallway... Sulo means the fire thingy -- oh the torch! yas the torch!