Lost for You

Lost for You

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Tay By TayTay1995 Updated Dec 26, 2013

-“Don’t you fucking start Jamie” he growls and I’m shocked at his violent approaches. He starts pacing back and forth, every so often balling his fists up until they turn pale.

“You left me! You fucking left me when you promised you wouldn’t!” he begins to shout.


“Do you even know what happened that night Jamie!?” He says kicking a pile of small pot plants across the patio.

 I gasp and tears begin to fall heavy from my eyes as I remember exactly what happened.

“Well!?” he continues.

I just nod my head and look down at my hands.

“Then say it!” he spits, but I stay silent.

 “You know what I’ll say it!" he says turning darker... -

After leaving Harry ten years ago, Jamie returns back to a dark and broken boy. Conflicts of their past are hashed out and slowly brushed under the rug and Jamie finds herself falling for her long lost friend. With a life filled with drugs, alcohol, schemes, violence and mistreatment of women, can Harry give Jamie what she truly wants or is he just messing her about like the rest of them? There's plenty of women who will stop at nothing to not give him the chance to show her...

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AdelynAidzil2 AdelynAidzil2 Mar 24, 2017
And this book too has so much potential :( why don't you update it
otavolimed otavolimed Aug 02, 2016
This has nothing to do with this book but please update My Boss' Son bc
- - Feb 06, 2017
Just read it says uncle Dan and in My Boss' Son the evil guys name is dan LOL
hoodog hoodog Jan 11, 2015
I am sure as hell this gonna be my fav story after 'My boss' son' youre so talented girl!!!
AnnaIrish AnnaIrish Nov 25, 2014
Why was he screaming at her to come back??  Why did she leave him?  So many questions, I can't wait for the answers.
hurrystyles94 hurrystyles94 Oct 01, 2014
Wait how does this only have 8 comments,??! I love this so far; it should have at least 100