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Internet Killed the Video Star By stanzas Completed

I could hear their laughter. The deep laughter of Louis next to the high pitched laughter of Eleanor. It caused a wretched pain in my chest, a feeling that had been reoccurring often in this last month.

Why did he have to love her? I was the one that knew him. I was the one that was there through everything… from when he broke his ankle to the X Factor audition. I was there. She had just come, she was new to him. She was a stranger.

I rose the hammer, bringing it above my head. Three, two… I brought the hammer down on the window, the window shattering into a million pieces.

He should love me.

  • misshoranette
skeptjcal skeptjcal Aug 09, 2014
What kind of book is this? I didn't said it in a mean way if that what your thinking =>
MeghanAlineH MeghanAlineH Mar 13, 2014
so close to the same name!!!! mine's Meghan/// just missing the 'h' D:
sstutter sstutter Sep 29, 2013
i have the same name as her and im praying im not that crazy omfg
ThePerfectFlaw ThePerfectFlaw Apr 07, 2013
Awe, when I saw the 'I was with him through everything, even when he broke his ankle on X Factor" I was hoping this was a Larry Stylinson Fanfic. That's a bummer :/
cbalmer101 cbalmer101 Mar 12, 2013
Ohhhhh mYYYYYY friggggen frackennn this sounds aaahhhmaZAYN!!
yournotevenpunkrock yournotevenpunkrock Jan 29, 2013
So u talked about how u r on tumblr, any1 no her tumblr cuz i bet 5 her tumblr gonna b awesome