You're Still The One *slowly editing* (Completed)

You're Still The One *slowly editing* (Completed)

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Clara Ricks By clararicks1 Completed

'You didn't answer my question.' He asked holding her gaze in his hypnotic ones.

'Wh... what question?' She was surprised at her own voice, that seemed so unfamiliar - so unlike her. She wanted to ask which question, there were so many he had asked her tonight. Each one threatening in their own different ways to her sanity.

Brandan smiled mysteriously not speaking out the particular question, instead he said something else. 'Don't keep staring at me like that.' His voice was soft, Emma was now at some other world.
 'W.. why?' She stammered ridiculously.
His lips slightly brushed against her, she closed her eyes in anticipation - under the spell of their lips connecting. Sparking were the electricity all over her skin. ''Cause...'
He took a step back from Emma leaving her cold but Emma was too lost to do something about it - like running towards him and getting engulfed in the euphoric warmth once again. ''Cause.. you will fall in love with me... '

Growling deeply a set of thunders boomed above the skies', cold wind made her hair to dance around.
Brandan finished, 'Again.'
Rain poured on her heavily as if the whole sky was about to break down over her, Emma opened her eyes against the cold water to see Brandan had already left, leaving her to drown into his words, completely.
They say love's blind. Maybe that's why Emma loved Brandan despite all odds, more than she loved herself, but only to find that it wasn't enough. When time and fate decided to be cruel to the utmost, she found herself terribly hurt in all the ways possible. Realizing that love wasn't maybe enough, she picked up her ruined self and found a new beginning at the end.
But fate had apparently, some unexpected plans in store.
Against all odds, they were meant to face one another, yet once again.  But this time, Brandan was a changed man and so was Emma, while one burnt from the pain, another burnt from the guilt. And then...

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Hey Lara! I am reading your stories. Just finished reading Rain Again and loved it to the core!  I was going through your works n realised that u use a lot of Indian origin names and couldn’t help but wonder if there is a connection! 
                              P.s. m an Indian so it perked my curiosity! :p
stox4story stox4story Feb 23, 2016
Doesn't matter how short or long the prologue is, what counts is content and this teased me enough to make me want to read on. Good job.
- - Dec 06, 2015
"aimless and lifeless"; i don't know why but i knida liked this
ed2wfu ed2wfu Nov 20, 2015
Crazy good! Superlative writing skills. I'm only on the first part and I like it. Cool stuff!
am3thy8t am3thy8t Nov 19, 2015
the prologue is short and cryptic. no matter what, i understand how you feel about it. every pigment of a writer’s imagination is important because it is your brainchild.
snehadas242 snehadas242 Jul 26, 2015
Your prologue is short.. Simple.. And speaks a lot.. So.. You needn't worry...