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And You're My Ever After (Larry Stylinson Au)

And You're My Ever After (Larry Stylinson Au)

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Jennifer By _SweetDisposition_ Completed

"You're so cute when you laugh!" Louis threw his hands up into the air then continued laughing feeling Harry's shaky head on his shoulder.
  "And you're cute too...if I could and if I wanted to I would marry you." Harry looked up giving him a lazy smile.
  "You're not husband material." Louis hiccuped then laughed when Harry pouted.
  "And I'm proud of it." Was all Harry said before drinking his tequila shot.
  "You're the kind of person I'll never have sex with." Louis stated looking back at Harry who had a horrified expression on his face.
  "I wouldn't sleep with you either." He said then burst out laughing.
  [Harry and Louis are two strangers visiting Vegas. Harry just wants to have fun and Louis just wants to get over the cheating bastard of his ex fiance. They accidentally get married.]
  This is my new chaptered fic loosely based on the Ashton Kutcher movie What Happens In Vegas, I added my own twists and the plot is different than the movie.
  I'll update every week depending if I finish the chapter. :)
  drunk marriage, Drunk Sex, Drunk Louis, Drunk Harry, Smut, Anal Sex, Anal Fingering, Cheating, Fake Marriage, Mpreg, Mpreg Louis, Bottom Louis, Top Harry, bottom!Louis, top!Harry, Strangers to Friends, Friends to Lovers, Little bit of angst, Fluff

Obviously his penis is not inside her vagina, maybe his dick just wanted to be in a very tight place and her vagina was the only he could think of. mhm, Louis what are you seeing boy?
Sure's not like he's just walked in on you drilling this girl or anything smh
Ok I live in California and have been to Vegas. I can guarantee that Nevada is hotter. It's a DESERT
i just got broken up with by the guy i had my first kiss with, over text on valentine's day. his friends told me that he just used me because he thought he would get into my pants and/or i would suck his dick. i didn't love him but he's the farthest i've gotten with a guy.
I read this 20 times on ao3 just to find it on Wattpad too. I love this life