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Rooted in Old World Charm, the city of Kolkata weaves a tempest of love in two people whose strong personalities and ego do not allow them to capitulate to their feelings. 

Helpless against the games of destiny, 'Tempest of Love' is a story of two individuals whose fatal attraction refuses them to realize their one true call of love. 

A cold and arrogant business man, Sanskar Maheshwari's rigid upbringing and inherent brooding nature do not allow any kind of weakness to surface. A past love, gone sour and bitter, seals his heart forever from such feelings to resurface. He hates weaknesses in people and allows only his family to care for him. He firmly believes in the theory of capitalism and his business empire proves this theory. 

Swara Bose, a budding journalist values her freedom the most. Brought up in a free thinking atmosphere, Swara hates any kind of restriction on her. Be it family, work or relationships, nothing binds her. Her warm nature lets people to be at ease with her. She does not believe in unconditional love or fairy tale romance. Her principle in life is to be independent and free. She believes in the Marxist theory of economic equality. Her stormy nature is usually soothed by her first love, music. She creates a furor and commotion whenever problems arise. Her tempestuous nature does not calm down till her inner turbulence settles itself down.

What do you think will happen when a tempest like Swara lashes a dormant volcano called Sanskar? Unknown to them, a sphere of emotions, passion and pride opens up a door in their heart. 

Set in the explosive world of Indian media, Will they be able to resist this striking storm or let it consume them with its passion?

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Rereader for nth time i love your work specially this story😊😊😊😊