Diana {Harry Styles}

Diana {Harry Styles}

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Diana was anything but fine.
Her life has been a mess, she he got parents who have never cared and abused in all terms. 
All through her childhood been bullied, her suicidal attempts have almost worked but never seemed enough to kill her. 

So how is Harry Styles and the rest of One Direction fighting to save her life, and saving theirs at the same time?

LostInMyDayDream2004 LostInMyDayDream2004 Jul 31, 2016
This song by 1D little things makes me cry infact I am listenin to it right now
TataLynn TataLynn May 10, 2016
What Starbucks do You go too. The cheapest drink on the menu here is 3.75 american dollars
_harry_s_girl_ _harry_s_girl_ Nov 10, 2016
When you are reading this in 2016 November (which BTW is not a month this year) and realize it is not going to be a new album
EileenRose16 EileenRose16 May 10, 2016
😍😍😍I LOVE IT😍😍😍This is the Best Song ever😘😍
I_give_u_a_chonce I_give_u_a_chonce Jul 30, 2016
Nightglow3134 Nightglow3134 Jan 08, 2016
seriously???? she loves a one direction song, yet she cant recognize HARRY even after he told her his name??? people these days.