Mine | 2Jae

Mine | 2Jae

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♔Baby♔ By DefSoul_Ars7 Updated Jan 14

In which one was a jealous fuckboy while other was a sass nerd.

"Come on, nerd. You know it's count as a kiss. Our lips touched each other." He grinned like a devil at me, making me gritted my teeth as my face felt so hot. "How's that? Your first kiss right?"

God, please give me a lot of patient to not slap his face.

"Jerk, shut up. I told you, it doesn't count as a kiss." I hissed in annoyance.

Blushing hardly, I took a spoonful of ice cream and shoved it into my mouth, tried to ignore how my heart pumping rapidly and how annoyed I felt hearing his words.

Jaebum suddenly stood in front of me. He put both of his hands on the kitchen counter, preventing me from going anywhere. I was suddenly felt so small when he did this kind of thing. 

"Stay away from me." I stated nervously, trying to be as frightening as I could. But, when did this jerk ever listen to me? 

Jaebum just smirked as he took his time to scan my face. I gulped uncomfortably because his action really creeping me out.

"Or what?" Jaebum questioned casually as he leaned his face closer to me. 


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Lubdubs24 Lubdubs24 Jan 14
urm.... bromance now has a new meaning??? Like, LITERALLY.... (i love it btw...)
KeiTrash KeiTrash Jan 29
Aw i swear Mark is always that "only friend" in every 2jae ff
pepijyg pepijyg Feb 04
OMGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!1 *proceeds to look at my profile picture* YUP, THAT'S LITERALLY ME RIGHT NOW.