Sugar Daddy [2Jae] ✔

Sugar Daddy [2Jae] ✔

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"Be my sugar baby."

Youngjae didn't have any other choice but to accept the offer.



"Stop it!" Youngjae barked at them as he was seeing red.

"Do you think that we're mean? We're not even started!" The brown hair guy smirked as he started gripping his mom's neck.

"I told you that I'll pay it. Just give me a few days!"

"Bullshit! We want our money right now!" They demanded.

The blonde hair guy quickly gripped his mom's chin and scanned her face for a second. He smirked.

"So kid, you don't have any money? Your mother looks beautiful though. Maybe if she become a prostitue, she can pay it all back! Choose, pay now or you can give a goodbye kiss to her."

Youngjae felt as if his heart had been ripped into a millions pieces. He seriously hated it. He hated it when someone treated his mom like some useless shit. Every word that came out from their mouth became poison in his weak heart. This was too much to handle.

"Wait, I'll pay it." Youngjae said as tears welled up in his eyes. 

No. Don't you dare fucking crying.

Shakily, Youngjae took out his phone and unlocked it. He scrolled through his contacts to find one familiar name, Im Jaebum.


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Rip youngjae's ass (37) does he have to pay back EVERY SINGLE won?
Mikasu-Senpai Mikasu-Senpai Dec 24, 2017
byuntans byuntans Mar 04
hm i wonder which one this is out of 39748272 kims there are.. seokjin? yugyeom? taehyung? minseok? jongdae?
Anybody wanna suga Baby 😂😂 I’m swaeg and I need money
camv11 camv11 Mar 03
With all this comments, I remembered 
                              “-Jaebum is not my hyung anymore.
                              He’s my daddy.
                              DADDY BUY ME SOMETHING!”