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Solve Me

Solve Me

73.5K Reads 672 Votes 44 Part Story
Bex By bexlovescandy Completed

Telanna is a mystery. She was found at sea as a baby, and wishes only for a family of her own. However her only family are a group of pirates who know nothing about young girls. Then Bradley, the pirate who found her, finds a treasure map, and things start to change in ways Telanna never could have expected.

ThePoetryGirl ThePoetryGirl Nov 26, 2011
You made me think so much and wonder so much that I have so many questions, you really know how to make the reader want more! I have to read on! *votes*
RJames101 RJames101 Apr 24, 2011
I like the drowned by an explosion of questions bit. great work :)
dreamy_ dreamy_ Feb 24, 2011
Wowwwww! This is.. A- M A Z I N G, I have nothing bad to critique, only the naked eye would see issues, but I did see a few punctuation errors!
                              PLEASE return the favor?
                              comment telling me what you think please!
CountryStrong CountryStrong Feb 24, 2011
Great start, different to what I normally read but I am going to continue as you've got me interested :)
bexlovescandy bexlovescandy Feb 24, 2011
@Cazza94 Thank you :) Yours is awesome, just finished reading the first parts :)
tianajade tianajade Feb 23, 2011
Wow, great beginning. It really draws the readers in. I don't have much to say, as it was that good ha! (: Excellent start, and a few of the descriptions were good. Just make sure to have a new line each time your characters speak (: Keep writing! *Voted*.