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SerVamp x Reader One-Shots

SerVamp x Reader One-Shots

43.2K Reads 1K Votes 31 Part Story
Ren~ By komahina_senpai Updated Jan 28

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SerVamp is Life

ShadowWerewolf1015 ShadowWerewolf1015 Nov 14, 2016
Kuro x neko! Vampire! Sister! Reader 
                              (Yes I know it's weird but I wanna see how this turns out) 
                              No lemon but lots of cute fluff
MayuNakamura MayuNakamura Sep 10, 2016
Can I request for the mother x coma reader? Oh god ヽ(;へ;)ノ
Wolfgirl011 Wolfgirl011 Sep 16, 2016
Lawless (Hyde) x lonely!reader.... Thank you(●´∀`●)
CookieLeGr8 CookieLeGr8 Sep 04, 2016
I was wondering if a LichtXReaderXLawless would be possible? Only if you can of course ^^
- - Sep 19, 2016
Hey um mind if I make a request with a Succubi! Reader x Kuro reader lemon please?
creepypasta42 creepypasta42 Sep 10, 2016
No one gives love to jeje.
                              Can you please do a jeje x otaku eve reader please