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Owned (KaiSoo) (boyxboy)

Owned (KaiSoo) (boyxboy)

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makingserendipity By makingserendipity Updated Sep 14, 2015

Kyungsoo's parents died while serving their master. He and his younger brother was adopted by their parents' master. They were given food, shelter and education. But these were not free. Kyungsoo needed to be the servant of his masters son. Will he regret it or be thankful?

AkiSuga AkiSuga Jan 19
Jongin every time he see Kyungsoo: 😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏
sugarwtter sugarwtter Jan 23
my aunt died and her daughter's almost 4 years old .they told her that her mum is just working and that they wouldnt know when she came back .. 😢 that poor girl's still waiting .
okaywillis okaywillis Nov 09, 2015
It is better than saying it when he turns 16 or older so he did good
chibiromi chibiromi Oct 13, 2015
When I read the " He grabbed my **" part I was a bit startled lol.. I mean wow that escalated quickly from sleepy to h*rny hahaha
MinnieBooh MinnieBooh Jan 01, 2015
Did anyone else get reminded of an episode( if you've seen it) of Boys Over Flowers, when Jun Pyo pulled Geum Jan Di down to the bed with him, when she was trying to wake him up ? No? No one? Okay then
Twstd_sunshine Twstd_sunshine Jan 29, 2014
Kai, him being the territorial one, is saying something. Haha! I can imagine him and Kyungsoo. Shizzers. =)