Mixed Messages

Mixed Messages

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Chloe By teenagebookworm_ Updated Nov 22

There are many stages of grief, and Alice faced them all when Lucas died. Their journey together was left unfinished, it had come crashing apart, too soon. A piece of Alice's heart shatters every time she thinks of the dreams they had for their future. 

She texts Lucas's phone every day, to tell him what kind of a day she's had and to remind him of how much she misses him. 

What if one day he texts her back...

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lhurvely_girl lhurvely_girl 3 days ago
OK so this is definitely not a cliché. This chapter is very detailed and I love the fact that your style of writing is pretty simple yet alluring. Keep it up❤❤
pedolecki pedolecki Nov 20
Wow this was really sad, I hope theirs a plot twist where Luke is actually alive.
I like this story. It's pretty cool and the idea is great. I already like the characters and it gave me a sad feeling when I heard he died. I've never really like romance, unless there fanfictions, but this ones good. I'm hoping that it continues threw the next few chapters.
anuragb0109 anuragb0109 Nov 13
Here without telling you showed that he wants to dig in the pancakes and he's bothered about his good suit which is nice
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Kessie-M Kessie-M Nov 15
This is already a good beginning. But I feel that the term love sounds a little cliche,  and not like what most modern couples would actually tell each other..
                              Aside from that,  great