Mixed Messages

Mixed Messages

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Chloe By teenagebookworm_ Updated Nov 22, 2016

There are many stages of grief, and Alice faced them all when Lucas died. Their journey together was left unfinished, it had come crashing apart, too soon. A piece of Alice's heart shatters every time she thinks of the dreams they had for their future. 

She texts Lucas's phone every day, to tell him what kind of a day she's had and to remind him of how much she misses him. 

What if one day he texts her back...

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hxzzabby hxzzabby Jan 07
I've never read a story on here with older married people as the main characters...!!
hxzzabby hxzzabby Jan 07
the prologue is supposed to help understand better and personally I think it did for me. I like how detailed it was and the main character seems to be strong and I love that. It sucks she's pregnant and alone tho): it lacks a little emotion but overall great start!
Now my heart just broke!
                              It is only the first chapter and it has made me  smile and nearly cry.
                              My only suggestion would be to put in a sub heading indicating the time frame ie 3 months ago or however long ago this happened.
This was a good chapter. Very well written. I showed much emotion and thought. I could tell you put some time into this. Other than the cofusion of how the officer heard Lucas' last words, it is fantastic!
madisueb madisueb Jan 10
Nice intro. I usually hate having to read books that don't grip
aqsamustaf aqsamustaf Jan 08
I KNEW IT! this always happens! I knew it was too good to last!