The Dream's You Fall Into, you Have To Pull Yourself Out Of.

The Dream's You Fall Into, you Have To Pull Yourself Out Of.

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Whitney By FlowerofHope Updated Apr 19, 2011

Poems that have diffrent meanings, some are about dreams, or poems about what you regret and run away from they all have diffrent meanings in them to me.

   Adaline isn't a dream it's more like a story/poem of a girl running away from her abuser/killer and she's just trying to escape and, find a diffrent world but, she knows the world she lives in now is going to be over much sooner than she expected...

The Board is also a little diffrent It's an experince I had try and see if you can guess what it is and leave me a comment;)

DaisyJD DaisyJD Apr 24, 2012
very lovely poem :) gives the reader a very clear image. i like that.
WeAreTheCure WeAreTheCure Apr 24, 2012
This is really good... But there's one part where I think you could improve. You said "from the crime that had to be had." You don't need the last had. it sounds better with out it.
tyrells tyrells Feb 03, 2012
Wow! I love this poem, your rhymes were good and weren't random, like some poems and I love your last line! *voted*
DYOURGIRL666 DYOURGIRL666 Feb 03, 2012
Wow very captivating, Voted,= but manly just how you described the words.
AshleyCooley8 AshleyCooley8 Dec 12, 2011
I really love the lines: " I would stop all crime, hold in the lies, and shade my eyes" those roll off really nicely. And the last stanza is good too.
CristianMihai CristianMihai Nov 09, 2011
This is quite good. I liked the tone and the atmosphere you managed to create.