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elf on the shelf x reader smut by spicyboially
elf on the shelf x reader smutby Ally Harpold
i had to read this so you do too
  • elf
  • hotsex
  • shelf
Sex Sense by Bentexiii
Sex Senseby Ben Torlafia
Sex Sense tries to put more light on the perspectives of sex and how it could be approached bothering on the difference in physiological and psychological make of differ...
  • shelf
  • unbound
You've Been Tagged by markschmoyer
You've Been Taggedby Mark Schmoyer
Chase Mitchels gets an email from Facebook saying he's been tagged in a post by Unknown. The post says, "In 24 hours, Chase Mitchels will be dead." Who is Unkn...
  • facebook
  • unbound
  • tagged
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Liquor Mart by liquormart
Liquor Martby Gurpreet Gill
Liquor Mart one of New Zealand's most trusted online liquor store. We have quickly built a reputation for providing a fast, efficient and friendly service. save your mon...
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  • spirit
  • nz
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my poetry by defeatofthefragile
my poetryby Violet Danger
poems from my 7th and 8th grade "sappy poet phase" hope you enjoy reading them as much as i enjoyed writing them
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  • unbound
Scary Monster's, Nice Sprite's by taro619
Scary Monster's, Nice Sprite'sby Tristan Hungate
It all began with a party, and ended up with a chase. My name is Katlyn Russell, and im running from my life from creatures I never knew existed, in a place thought to b...
  • dragons
  • bed
  • river
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all of my poetry by benvolentdreamer
all of my poetryby christina
basically i live, i breath, i dance, i read, and i write. Thats my life so this is a bunch of my poems that i would really appreciate if you read
  • dreamworld
  • monsters
  • amazing
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Las Angela's High 'The Competion' by AsiannahMorgan
Las Angela's High 'The Competion'by Asiannah Morgan
This Is An Story Of Young Drama Of Kids In High School From Degrassie To Anyother Teen Romance Shows Or Story's Here We Have An Book Of 'Drama' See Even thow Mara broke...
  • shelf
  • awards
  • unbound
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Pollard Version 3.1 by LeeBalan
Pollard Version 3.1by Lee Balan
  • dystopia
  • futurism
  • unbound
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The Rope On The Shelf by Bipolar-Bailey
The Rope On The Shelfby Bailey Murphy
  • shelf
  • game
  • sucidal
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Elf On The Shelf 2016 [COMPLETED] by UniDaUnicorn1128
Elf On The Shelf 2016 [COMPLETED]by UniDaUnicorn1128
Hi! I'm Twinkling The Elf! I Love My Family That I Vist Every December 8th. Please Read About Where I Hide In My Family's Home!
  • christmas
  • elf
  • shelf
The Shelf on the Elf by walterklimczak
The Shelf on the Elfby Walter Klimczak
They say there are typically two sides to every story. Or, sometimes, more than two. Here is a dark peek behind what has become a growing tradition. Think of it as "...
  • christmas
  • parody
  • elf
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Original Sin by trinitylegends
Original Sinby Thomas Roche
  • afterlife
  • shelf
  • unbound
Resounding Echo(Angel's Voice Series Book 1) by ResoundingEcho
Resounding Echo(Angel's Voice Michelle Zanette Sejr Louring
Selissa doesn’t remember anything from before she came to live at the temple. With her lost memory follows the mystic symbol on her back. Despite not knowing anything a...
  • action
  • sight
  • demon
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There It Was by nikkimo1219
There It Wasby Nicole
Just a story I had to write for my English class. I felt it was good enough to be shared so here it is!
  • mystery
  • story
  • shelf
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Leadbelly by aforcey
Leadbellyby Adam Forcey
  • unbound
  • blues
  • devil
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