NID:Hidden Realm

NID:Hidden Realm

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♚♕BaymaxQuinn♔♛ By PrincessJayllee Updated Sep 02, 2017

Before you read this story kindly read first the book one  which is the "Nerds in disguise" 

We all know that realm means land or world , each one of us nor maybe most of us believe in other worlds or fantasies like fairies , magics and many more. Most of us says its not just a fantasy , not just an hoaxes because its real. Being imaginative can make everything real and the impossible may become possible. This story is base on my imagination regarding what are those fantasies or incredible things that exist inside my mind even inside your minds.

The gangster story nerds in disguise turned into a fantasy story hidden realm but at the same time its still a gangster story where the gangsters , the mafia world encounter another world where they won't expect and believe that exist but their destined to know about it and accept their missions and tasks there wether they like it or not.

Please support this story just like how you support the book one. Thank you and God bless us all ^_^ :)

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