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Neala Cris By neala_cris Updated Mar 10

June Barber is on the verge of getting her dream job as the Editor In Chief of Mode Magazine Miami, Florida. She has the money, the looks, the brains, the body  and a best friend she could always count on. She had everything she had ever wanted; well, almost everything.

Brandon James the young, sexy and handsome billionaire behind the Mode Magazine, who was also the former CEO of the Verizon industries. A man whose power and force is to be reckoned with. Many call him cold, emotionless and heartless because he never smiles and his dates never exceed one night.

Chase Henley, the Hollywood heart throb who women and men have no choice but to fall in love with. He is the perfect combination of handsome, sexy, caring and loving. But what truly lies beneath all that perfection???

What roles will they play in each other's lives?? How will the encounters between the three alter their lives forever?? 

Read on to find out!!!!!!!

Warning: There may be snippets of physical violence, drug abuse and even a mild case of rape and the sex scenes are explicitly detailed. Incase you can't stomach any of these then please don't read on to comment negatively but I really hope you don't mind though. Thanks!!!!!

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dzxrf_ dzxrf_ Nov 02, 2016
                              I love how you describe your character, especially with her confidence and her beauty. I could imagine she's totally a beautiful person. :)
- - Sep 15, 2016
I think in this paragraph you have described it carefully with great details. But one suggestion that you should combine some short sentences together in order to omit the words "I" which is being repeated too many times
paudickson paudickson Nov 08, 2016
Shouldn't it say in Miami, Florida? Or is the name of the magazine Mode Magazine Miami, Florida? Or is the name Mode Magazine Miami and its in Florida?
GabrielaXMC GabrielaXMC Nov 03, 2016
                              I really like the way she described herself. It was very empowering. The chapter wasn't long either but it wasn't short which in my personal opinion I think it's great for a first chapter. Overall I really like the description so far and I can't wait to keep reading !
ohsnapitzcloe ohsnapitzcloe Nov 02, 2016
 #moonlight I love how she's not extremely insecure. It's really interesting and I'm excited to keep reading!!
daniella-lavonne daniella-lavonne Nov 02, 2016
                              I'm not sure what the phrase 'assistant editor in chief' means. Does it mean she's the assistant editor as a chief?