Izaya Orihara x Reader

Izaya Orihara x Reader

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Alex By IzumiOrihari Updated Sep 13, 2016

(L/N) (F/N) is a informant from Akita, but she grew bored of knowing her city.she also wanted to escape,So then she decides to go to a dangerous place, Ikebukuro. She heard many things that may and may not be useful to her, like Izaya Orihara, the famous informant.


A/N: this is one of my first stories and I'm a very terrible writer but please enjoy. I'm also debating on adding a lemon because who wouldn't want to have- ya know what? Ima just not continue, SO let's get to the story!~

The_Nonster The_Nonster Sep 14, 2016
Heyyyy dis is from all the fangirls to Izaya: Now if we're talking body, you got a perfect one so put on me. Swear it won't take you long. If you love me right-t-t we fûck for li-I-ife, on and on and on!! 
                              Lots of y'all probs want him to though
-Hope_and_Faith- -Hope_and_Faith- Aug 06, 2016
This is me in real life and my big sister says I'm gonna turn goth because of the amount of black I wear😭 and I'm just like noooooooooo I'm not😭😭😭😭
imtoocrazyfamyanime imtoocrazyfamyanime Oct 12, 2016
Oh this is so me it burns. I look in the mirror and be like," I would hit that." Jkjk
Rina_Orihara Rina_Orihara Aug 10, 2016
Shizuo-kun, you do know the saying "no pain no gain" right?  xd Well, now I know why you can't kill Izaya-kun
Snow_Bunny_Ivory Snow_Bunny_Ivory 4 days ago
I remember I read a story with this exact apartment. And it was an izaya x reader story
ReptilianLeaf ReptilianLeaf Jul 31, 2016
So... my mother's height 😂
                              I'm like 5.6" and 14
                              Oh dayum