Izaya Orihara x Reader

Izaya Orihara x Reader

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Alex By IzumiOrihari Updated Sep 13

(L/N) (F/N) is a informant from Akita, but she grew bored of knowing her city.she also wanted to escape,So then she decides to go to a dangerous place, Ikebukuro. She heard many things that may and may not be useful to her, like Izaya Orihara, the famous informant.


A/N: this is one of my first stories and I'm a very terrible writer but please enjoy. I'm also debating on adding a lemon because who wouldn't want to have- ya know what? Ima just not continue, SO let's get to the story!~

The_Nonster The_Nonster Sep 14
Heyyyy dis is from all the fangirls to Izaya: Now if we're talking body, you got a perfect one so put on me. Swear it won't take you long. If you love me right-t-t we fûck for li-I-ife, on and on and on!! 
                              Lots of y'all probs want him to though
This is me in real life and my big sister says I'm gonna turn goth because of the amount of black I wear😭 and I'm just like noooooooooo I'm not😭😭😭😭
Oh this is so me it burns. I look in the mirror and be like," I would hit that." Jkjk
Shizuo-kun, you do know the saying "no pain no gain" right?  xd Well, now I know why you can't kill Izaya-kun
So... my mother's height 😂
                              I'm like 5.6" and 14
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