Everything || Loki x Reader

Everything || Loki x Reader

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Being immortal and an Avenger has it's perks. Although the bullets and stab wounds hurt as much as any normal being, (Y/N) (L/N) could handle anything. 

Until the God of Mischief showed up.

After being held prisoner for long months, Loki finally agreed to try out the 'hero thing' and join The Avengers, but he doesn't expect to encounter his worst enemy along the way--feelings. 

Through the ups and downs, these two God-like beings decide to get to know each other better in the worst possible ways, only for it to end in an unforgettable defeat.

{Mature Content}

MissILikeAnime MissILikeAnime 6 days ago
Disturb me while I'm reading my gay manga and I will end you
SamBookLove SamBookLove Jan 18
Did anyone notice Loki calling Thor 'brother' in the dark world?  
                              "Whatever you're doing brother, I suggest you do it faster."
SugarMusic SugarMusic Oct 17, 2016
That's what you guys think. I think he's just MISSUNDERSTOOD.
ChiekoHope ChiekoHope Jul 24, 2016
I messy up. I mean to say that Loki is kind of like Erza with the armor. Sorry.
SerenityMoriarty SerenityMoriarty Dec 06, 2016
At first i was like favourite colour? But then I was like ohhhhh favourite cereal.
fandomsat4am fandomsat4am Jul 30, 2016
I'm not saying he's not dangerous and I'm not seeing the best in him I just want to meet him before I form a solid opinion about him