Alone (A Gaster!Sans X Reader)

Alone (A Gaster!Sans X Reader)

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Nom Nom By Meow_Meow_Bee Updated Jan 07

A war has been going on for a few years now.

My parents are gone.

And I'm now alone, left to survive for as long as I can.

I didn't believe in love anymore, in fact, I didn't believe in much of anything or anyone.

But then he finds me.

Should I trust him?

Should I let him see my emotions?

Undertale by Toby Fox
Gaster!Sans by Borurou on Tumblr

Slow updates

Not a great writer

Doesn't like undertale anymore

Might discontinue 

So enjoy

applepyeslice applepyeslice Sep 03, 2016
*inhales* haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
hina_chan___ hina_chan___ Nov 21, 2016
Sadly I love those nick names........... I know I'm a weirdo.
Hey author. Can you please not use that term because I am an atheist. That would be greatly appreciated thank you if you could not use that term of 'pray'
hina_chan___ hina_chan___ Nov 21, 2016
All deep male voices are sexy but g.......... His is out of this world 
hina_chan___ hina_chan___ Nov 21, 2016
Harm can still kill a person...... For example bleeding to death.....
Devilandsinner Devilandsinner Jul 31, 2016
First thing going through my mind:
                              Is that a good thing or bad thing?