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Antisepticeye And Darkiplier X Reader Smut

Antisepticeye And Darkiplier X Reader Smut

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Undertalelove45 By Undertalelove45 Completed

Your pov
I sat in my living room, watching some anime. I brushed my (hair color) hair out of my face, and continued watching. Suddenly, a crash came from the kitchen making you jump. "What the hell was that?" I thought. I decided it was nothing, and watched as the character blackstar attempted to fight. Shing! That definitely meant something had to be in the kitchen. I got up, and walked over into the kitchen, armed with my febrese. I saw a tall figure, with dark hair, and a little bit of red flood at the top. He had an eight bit D at the front of his shirt, and pale grey skin. He had someone with him. Another man, much smaller, and less muscular. Suddenly, my phone went off in my pocket. "Saro eba tadashe imo hiba!" Damn it why did my ringtone have to be Japanese. Both of the men turned, making my stomach jump.
Antis pov
Mark and I heard what sounded to be a Japanese ringtone, and we both turned around. A young teen stood. She looked about nineteen. She had a febrese bottle in one of ...

Lindalicious Lindalicious 3 days ago
                              (p.s. who waz dat on da phone, sans or asgore?)
CaiOtakuloid CaiOtakuloid 2 days ago
How does this girl know what I like?
                              1.My fav instrument is drums..
                              2.I love drawing...
turtlechara turtlechara Mar 19
This is the wrong number, the wrong number song,we're very very sorry that we got it wrong! (I don't know the rest of the lyrics XP)
candiplier candiplier Mar 01
All the references and JUST ALL OF IT OMFG I'm dying of laughter
AleeaDavis AleeaDavis Mar 04
Welp I was gonna save the frebreeze canister for when anti found me and was about to kill me... ( I was gonna spray it in his eyes...)BUT YEA SURE THROW IT AT HIM... it totally will blind him, would be better if you sprayed in his eyes...