Mark is the Alpha Male of his werewolf pack. Jack is a 25 year old who doesn't believe in the supernatural no matter how many people say they've seen something supernatural. Jack thinks it's all just made up stories to spook people, until he sees something he always thought was fake. Mark's pack gets almost exterminated by a group of hunters who believes their just mindless animals. Almost all his friends get killed and the one he was supposed to marry gets killed by the hunters. He gains a hatred for the human race, until he sees someone who will change that for him.

This is a totally made up story that just popped into my head while I was making a list of story ideas. This is an original idea and if something seems like it's similar to another story then tell me.

Btw, they aren't the traditional werewolves where they only change during the night. In this story they can change whenever they want, just clearing that up.

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C0uldBeGayer C0uldBeGayer Jun 26, 2018
Me: I have a feeling today’s gonna be a great day
                              God: Oh but you thought wrong fam
SharryTheCherry SharryTheCherry Jun 08, 2018
                              Who's Kevin...... Pls don't hate me.
Septiplier_trash123 Septiplier_trash123 Jun 08, 2017
                              me: cool. I am going back to sleep
                              Friend: um. Its 5 pm.
                              *hangs up*
Ambassadh Ambassadh May 04, 2018
Kevin, why.
                              Im happy jak never went with cuz he could not want merk killed right!?
FireBlazingHeart FireBlazingHeart Jun 06, 2017
Wait he does know werewolves are people?! HE'S HAPPY HE KILLED HUMANS
KittyCatGirlEllie KittyCatGirlEllie Feb 22, 2018
Suggestion: I’m having trouble telling when there wolves and when there human so including a transformation or like say [human] or Idk.... thx!