His Girl | Kim Mingyu

His Girl | Kim Mingyu

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Do you know how hard it feels like to secretly have a crush on Kim Mingyu, for ten years? Further more, without him having a single clue about it?

Kim Hana had loved Kim Mingyu for already ten years. Although she knew Kim Mingyu was her own relative or to be precise her own cousin, she just couldn't help but fall inlove with his tall, attractive, perfect charms. He's perfect in her eyes. He had always been.

Kim Mingyu never knew she loved him. He never acknowledged that someone had crushed over him with all her heart for ten years. He never knew that someone was waiting for him for nearly ten years. 

Mingyu was about to marry his crush that he had loved dearly for seven years. Of course, Hana felt heart-broken and devastated but she had no power or so to stop the marriage. 

Could Hana move on and accept the fact she's going to let go of her first love forever? Or would things not go the way it planned to be?

If anything in the story is similar with yours, it's probably a coincidence. 

The plot of the story is made and planned by the author herself. Therefore, plagiarism is not allowed. 

Thank you and enjoy reading c': ♡

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