His Girl | Kim Mingyu

His Girl | Kim Mingyu

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Hana had loved Kim Mingyu for already ten years. Although she knew Mingyu was someone she couldn't be with, she just couldn't help but fall for him over and over again. 

Mingyu was about to marry his crush that he had loved for many years. As a person who has been adoring only one man in her life, Hana felt disappointed because of it but all she wants was for Mingyu to be happy. Even though it takes for him to not be with her, she just wants to see her 10-year crush constantly smiling.

Could she move on and accept the fact she's going to let go of her first love forever? Or would things not go the way it planned to be?


If anything in the story is similar with yours, it's probably a coincidence.

The plot of the story is made and planned by the author herself. Therefore, plagiarism is not allowed. 

Thank you and enjoy reading c': ♡

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Is this your message to him, it so sweet ♥ but so sad -3- coz
fvnsey fvnsey Jul 17
Yaay so he's probably the same age with me or even older!!  *I'm a noona fan anyway even to scoups 😥
fvnsey fvnsey Jul 17
No. Song hye kyo and song joong ki also have the same last name
cokumark cokumark Dec 19, 2016
I'm with you bruh. I'm like 4 years younger than Mingyu ㅜㅜㅜ