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Calling all the Monsters {MCD X  Reader}

Calling all the Monsters {MCD X Reader}

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Nirvana By DJ_Mystrix Updated Dec 29, 2016

"Huh? W-what? Where am I?" 
(Y/N) woke up in the ruins. Looking deserted and abandoned, of course.
She survived for 5 years without anyone, and became a highly trained assassin. Turned 18, she was summoned by Irene, the Lady herself, to her own dimension. There, (Y/N) figured out her hidden powers, and got more curious for she asked the Lady about her past. Her only response, 

"You'll know in due time my dear...."

And it all faded black.

5 years later....

I read 'out strutted a guy' as 'out strutted a gray gay guy'. How my eyes made it add two more words, I do not know...