SHADOW KNIGHT'S REVENGE: A Minecraft Diaries Fan-Fiction

SHADOW KNIGHT'S REVENGE: A Minecraft Diaries Fan-Fiction

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"They betrayed you," Sasha had said. "They left you for dead."

After the tragedy that took place in Lady Irene's dimension, the people of Phoenix Drop thought they had seen the last of Arabella. They even held a funeral for her. They certainly didn't believe she would return.

Not Aphmau.

Not Garroth.

And definitely not Laurance.

Oh, how wrong they were.


This is a fan-fiction that takes place in the Minecraft Diaries universe created by the YouTuber, Aphmau. Most characters belong to Aphmau, but a few characters have been created by me. This fan-fiction is sort of what goes on in Arabella's point of view while the regular Minecraft Diaries go on. If you've never watched it, search her up and finish the series! Enjoy this story in the sort-of alternate universe of Minecraft Diaries!

Cover by me.

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galactic_link galactic_link Apr 29, 2017
Jesus this fiction is old
                              Or I just haven't heard of it earlier
_swiftpaw_ _swiftpaw_ Aug 16, 2017
😭😭just a dream and this chapter together = tears shed by me
ShySkipper ShySkipper May 30, 2016
every sad thing that happens has this one storm cloud.No it's over Phoenix where near it it's just above them and the grave.le'sigh
Izzywizzy567 Izzywizzy567 Feb 29, 2016
I just started reading and already I've been hit hard with da feels. 😂😂😂😂
Wolfie82 Wolfie82 Jan 31, 2016
Is it weird that my OCs name is so close to Arabella? Her name is Aridella XD
IsaDreemurr IsaDreemurr Nov 04, 2016
Okay but why is it always raining at funerals.
                              If it always rained at funerals there would never be a sunny day. ._.