Before You Came

Before You Came

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k.c.ken By Magictwist377 Updated Oct 31, 2016

It was so easy to forget where Damian had grew up, since he wasn't stabbing people with katanas and calling the 'ex-robins' disgraces anymore, he had the personality of a hissing cat and cute kitten rolled into one, all scowling but eager for attention.

But then there were some moments when it was really driven home that there was a lot more to Damian beneath the expressionless façade he showed the world.


aka another compilation of one shots I was to lazy to turn into actual stories

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I love it how Tim's name is always auto corrected to time!!!
Newa_Chan Newa_Chan Mar 17, 2017
Horus-- oh right..his mother and grandfather were Arabian, that means he knows the Egyptian Gods, must of slipped my mind
DamiHatake DamiHatake Jan 19
Yed you need anything LOL!!
                              This is no laughing matter Dami OMR
- - Sep 26, 2016
Oc: Horus? What'cha doing here bro
                              Horus: not much sis wassup
                              Oc: haunting people on wattpad
                              Horus: u dangerous dead people always lookin for trouble
                              Oc: u know me bro ;)
SkyWingandRedHood SkyWingandRedHood Aug 27, 2016
ok....i so can see dick sneeking in to take a photo of them for keeps hahaha. Go Jason your got a heart people just dont see what i see :D ME BAT BOYS ARE AWESOME ! :D
Darkwater33 Darkwater33 Jul 07, 2016
Damian being forced by his mother and his trainers to climb a mountain with a broken wrist.