Fixing A Little Robin

Fixing A Little Robin

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Sinnamon Roll By Pokemon_Overlord Updated Sep 16

Act 1

Dick Grayson has not had an easy life. It all started when his parents died then Bruce Wayne adopted him. After finding out that Bruce Wayne was Batman he became Robin to get revenge on the people who killed his parents and to help stop crime.

Life was good for a while. He helped Batman fight crime and soon created his own team with his best friends Wally and Kladur.

One night the team was deployed on a mission to rescue a few hostages. Everything was going as planned until the team bumped into some unexpected company. 

Deathstroke and Bane managed to take down the entire team and kidnap Robin before the team could call for backup.

5 years later Dick comes back with a new friend and is bloodthirsty. He wants revenge against his old mentor who let both Jason and him down. Will Bruce and Dick's friends be able to save him or will they have to take down him down for good.


Wow, Dick. Even when everyone thinks you're dead, you've still gotta be overdramatic XD
Starting?!?!?! Dang, really can't tell time, can ya? XD
I told me friends da Birdflash was real!! Dey said I was crazy!! But da Birdflash exists y'all!!
*comes back to life* D'awww! Roy, you do care! *dies again from feels*
Huh, welp...someone grew a pair and did it.
                              DICK YOU ARE A SAVAGE!!! KEPP GOIN'!!!