Popular Jerk

Popular Jerk

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Teenage Girl By Random_Teenager Updated Jan 18, 2017

*SEQUEL to Popular Nerd*

Paige and Nathan are back home for spring break- their love as strong as ever. But will their relationship last the whole two weeks?

With new neighbours, Paige agrees to show their son Michael around. 

So what will Lacy think about her best friend spending more time with Nathan and Michael than with her? And what will happen when Nathan returns from a family trip hiding a secret? 

For the first time ever, Paige is doubting her relationship once finding out what Nathan has been hiding. With the suspicion her boyfriend is dating her best friend, how will Paige cope with the situation?

Soon it gets out of hand and Nathan seems to be further away than ever, Michael the only option Paige sees for revenge. 

Is it possible for Paige and Nathan to forgive and forget before going back to collage, or maybe their relationship is over for good.

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dorluvs dorluvs Jul 02, 2016
I've never been so excited for a book to come out before😭
CyberGpsy CyberGpsy Jul 03, 2016
Sequel !!!! My love Nathan 😍 ... Level of excitement on scale 1 to 10 .... Its freaking 10 TEN !!! Yay!! I can't wait for this book to get started 😊 .
- - Jul 14, 2016
i hate Nathan 
                              after high school there is nothing except real friends and being smart
_connielovely _connielovely Jul 17, 2016
If he is cheating on her he is a jackass!!! She doesn't deserves that. Also if its with her boyfriend and that she was my best friend I would have beat that girls ass and what's his face!!!!
JaguaE15 JaguaE15 Jul 10, 2016
Why did he had to cheat on her that good 4 nothing Nathan and lacy that bitch
Crazy_Reader19 Crazy_Reader19 Aug 21, 2016
Love the plot of ur story
                              I really loved the first book popular nerd and am excited to read this one
                              And i hope Nathan and Paige will be together