True Monster (Karma Akabane X Reader)

True Monster (Karma Akabane X Reader)

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Katsu-san By Katsu-san Updated Nov 30


(Y/N) (N/Y) was the new girl in E-3. Brand new and full of mystery of her past. But what will happen when a certain red head pushed our protagonist to her breaking point? What if she can no longer keep on clinging to humanity? Will (Y/N) stay in the light or fall into the depths of darkness?

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OtakoTrash OtakoTrash Dec 03
I suddenly don't trust him... Karma~kun, what are you plotting?
OtakoTrash OtakoTrash Dec 03
I don't know... it's totally normal to be thinking of a plan to kill your teacher. I do it ALL the time.
_Pxthetxic_ _Pxthetxic_ Dec 09
Look. I like Dunkin Donuts, but of course my boobs can't fit in a cup. It's a board.
I would say mira
                              They have the same voice actor
                              MIRA IS IN EVERY ANIME FOR THE SHIPS
Because you want the nast- he's a nice guy. Because he's a nice guy
Mousie712 Mousie712 Dec 05
Does anyone know what is N/Y mean i really don’t know??????